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PSI Featured Agency of the Week

We have another exciting news!

Starting the second week of February, we will be featuring agencies and organizations across Ontario on our website. Each week till the end of March, we will identify an organization that showcase a commitment to being an inclusive, welcoming, safe and positive space. Many of these organizations have received the PSI training. We will showcase how their process of creating a positive space agency is like - perhaps starting from staff training to making sure that positive space is reflected in policies and practices in the organization to making sure that programs and services are inclusive of LGBTQ newcomers. A positive space agency needs policies and procedures in place to foster a culture of inclusion. More than just putting posters and rainbow stickers, positive space is about constantly identifying barriers and challenges to inclusion. It's about making sure that LGBTQ newcomers have access to culturally sensitive programs and services with dignity and respect and that staff are able to work in an environment where homophobia, transphobia, heterosexism and other forms of discrimination are challenged.

Watch out for it!

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